Painting weekend in Connemara Painting weekend in Connemara

Mindful Sel-Compassion Getaway 7th-9th November

Mindful, Self-Compassion (MSC) Getaway Hosted by Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig at Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel, Connemara, Co. Galway. 7th-9th November 2017


Tuesday 7th November:

  • Arrive at Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel at 6pm.
  • Dinner @ 7pm followed by introduction to MSC–Mindful, Self - Compassion. MSC is the first step in emotional healin-being able to turn toward and acknowledge our difficult thoughts and feelings (such as inadequacy, sadness, anger, confusion) with a spirit of openness and curiosity.

Wednesday 8th November:

  • Breakfast at 8.30am.
  • Gather at 9am for Mindfulness Breathing Practice, Loving Kindness Practice, Self-Compassion Break and Mindful Eating. Self-compassion involves responding in the same supportive and understanding way you would with a good friend when you have a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself.
  • Light Lunch 1pm
  • 2pm Guided walk to the pilgrimage site at Mámean, Guided Meditation and Walking Meditation techniques. Become mindful of your experience while walking, and try to keep your awareness involved with the experience of walking.  
  • Dinner at 7pm followed by Compassion practices for self and others. 

Thursday 9th November:

  • Breakfast at 8.30am
  • Gather at 9am for Compassionate Body Scan, Giving and Receiving Compassion and how to use MSC to handle difficult situations.
  • Light Lunch 1pm
  • 2pm Self Compassion in daily life and how to maintain a future practice.
  • Dinner at 7pm

3 Day Package €530.00 Per Person

2 Day Package €415.00 Per Person


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