Fishing in Connemara

Lough Inagh and Derryclare Fishery, 
Connemara, Co. Galway

These two Loughs, Derryclare and Inagh, lie in the lovely Inagh Valley with the Twelve Pins (Bens) of Connemara rising steeply to the west, and the Maumturk Mountain range to the east. There are two short connecting rivers, which contain four river beats. The fishery has spring salmon, grilse, sea trout and large indigenous brown trout. There are three sets of 'Butts' or long fishing piers, built out onto Derryclare Lough for the anglers convenience.

There are no boats available on Derryclare Lough and all the fishing is done from the Butts and the bank.  Lough Inagh Fishery is fly only, and normal fishing hours are 930am - 7pm. The river beats are rotated on a half day basis. The manicured river banks, and cosy fishing huts provide comfort for anglers of all ages and fitness.

Lough Inagh has six boats and the fishing starts early in July and fishes. The west shore fishes best, also all along the islands and river mouths are the chosen drifts. Lough Inagh is the largest lake in Connemara, and outboards are essential. There are experienced boatmen/ghillees available for the lake and river beats, with prior booking from Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel.

In recent years the fishery has seen a resurgence of fish numbers, and in 2010 - 2012, the fishery has produced Salmon to 15lbs, Sea Trout to 5lbs and Brown Trout to 12lbs.

Top salmon flies the river beats are Sunray Shadow, Cascade, Silver Stoat, Badger and Silver Rat. Top salmon flies for the lake are Silver Daddy, Green Peter, Connemara Black, Green Dabbler and Bibio. Top sea trout flies for the lake are Silver Daddy, Donegal Blue, Jungle Alexander, Black Hopper, Silver Invicta, Jungle Bunny and Dabblers.

Single handed rods of ten foot in length, and weighted 6-8 are the rods of choice on the fishery. Floating and intermediate lines with leaders of 6 - 15lbs are also required. There is no wading as such, but waders are useful on The Derryclare Butts, as one needs to stand in the lake. The fishery fishes best in high water, and it rarely gets coloured.

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